Friday, August 10, 2007

NPR Reviews "Generic" Biologics Issue

National Public Radio ran a story on Thursday that reviewed the industry, legislative, and patient discussion around the issue of "generic" versions of biologic drugs. It covered different perspectives on the issue, including a look into the manufacture of generic pharmaceuticals.

In the broadcast, Donna Gosbee of Wyoming told her story of living with multiple sclerosis and the expensive biologic MS therapy she relies on. As an MS activist at the Society's MS Public Policy Conference back in March, Donna spoke with her legislators about this issue. She urged them to help create an FDA pathway that would allow for review and approval of comparable, more affordable "generic" versions of biologic drugs.

Click here to read or listen to the complete story.

Correction: The story incorrectly states that the House and Senate have each passed the bill. The House has NOT yet passed this legislation. MS activists will continue to pursue action on this issue when legislators return from the August recess.

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