Thursday, August 16, 2007

In the News: Rhode Island Letter to the Editor

The Newport Daily News in Newport, RI, ran a letter to the editor recently in support of including $15 million for multiple sclerosis research in the federal Defense Apporopriations Bill. Rhode Island Chapter President Kathy Mechnig submitted the letter.

The complete version is not available online, but here is a brief excerpt:

A significant number of people throughout Rhode Island are impacted by multiple sclerosis — approximately 21,000. Despite decades of study, the causes of MS are not understood and there is no cure. But for many people in Rhode Island and nationwide who live with this disease, new research is within reach ... John Thompson of Cranston [RI] lives with the challenges of multiple sclerosis since he served in the Army in Vietnam. It is important for the health of all veterans and others who live with MS to investigate this further. With more funding for research, we could investigate the causes, explore additional treatments, and find a cure.

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