Wednesday, August 15, 2007

MS Activists Raise Awareness for MS Center

MS activists Bill Raney and Karen Jackson are helping raise awareness for a proposed multiple sclerosis center in West Virginia. Spearheaded by Senator Robert Byrd, this project holds great promise for people living with MS not only in West Virginia but nationwide. As individuals living with MS, they both spoke about the need for this center in a news story that aired on WBOY-TV on August 9.

View the full broadcast here. Then click on the "Watch Story Video" link. If you have trouble with that link, click here to try viewing it through Windows Media Player.

This could be the first comprehensive center for MS research and care in West Virginia, thanks to Senator Byrd. But this project still needs to make it through Congress. If you live in West Virginia, click here and enter your ZIP code to send a quick e-mail to Senator Byrd. Thank him and ask for his ongoing attention to this effort.

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