Friday, July 27, 2007

Write a Letter to the Editor Supporting MS Research

In our recent survey, a significant number of MS activists said they were interested in writing a letter to the editor. Now is your chance.

We are close to securing a $15 million Defense appropriation for multiple sclerosis research funding. To garner final support, we need to build some nationwide public attention for this issue. If we come together with one voice, and share that message across the country, we can make a difference.

Write a letter to the editor today. Click here and enter your ZIP code to use an easy e-mail format.

Tell your story about how MS has impacted you, your family, or a friend. Are you a veteran living with MS, or do you know one? Tell that story.

Write about 200 words (most papers have a word limit). And send it via e-mail to your local newspaper without delay. We expect a final decision on this issue next week.

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