Thursday, June 13, 2013


Thank you for your readership and subscription to the MS Activist blog! In assessing each of our communications with MS activists (assessments are necessary given our limited non-profit resources), we've recognized that this blog needs some change. We’re shifting the way we present information in order to better support your engagement in MS activism—so read on to find out where to find what info!

Want News?
The “news” content of this blog will now be featured on our website. From now on, please visit for an up-to-date feed of recent MS advocacy news. Clicking the feed icon will allow you to subscribe to the news feed as you do your other important news. You can expect this news feed to:
  • announce or provide summaries of the Society’s large advocacy events and activities
  • highlight MS advocacy progress or successes at the local, state and federal levels. State and local advocacy news will also appear on your chapter’s home page and in local blogs including:
-Washington/Montana/Alaska : "We Move MS"
-North and South Carolina: "activisMS"

Are You a Digital MS Activist? In the spirit of blogging and social media engagement, please become a digital MS activist by following the easy steps at, which includes Twitter lists and hashtags to follow (start with #MSactivist), how to find your public officials on Facebook and more!

Want Updates and Action Alerts? Receive federal advocacy news and opportunities to take action, be sure to join the MS Activist Network .

Craving Personal Stories and Connection? Stories of MS activists and the importance of activism in the MS movement will continue to be featured on our MS Connection blog at: . These stories aim to encourage other people who care about MS to take action or to become MS activists. If you have a story to share (are you a blogger in the rough?), please visit to share, or connect with others who have similar interests and passions at

Again, thank you so much for your readership and comments over the years! We look forward to connecting with you – and connecting you with other MS activists and your officials – in the ways YOU want to moving forward!
The Public Policy Office's blog is "moving" 

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