Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Steve Davis with his NMSS "ACTVST" plate
MS activist Steve Davis now has another way to display his involvement with activism and the National MS Society: his car’s license plate. In New York, MS Coalition Action Network and the Department of Motor Vehicles launched a custom MS license plate to benefit pediatric MS research and raise awareness about MS.  The Davis’s car is now adorned with a National MS Society license plate that has “ACTVST” across the plate. “My daughter and I went through many custom plates available, and ‘ACTVST’ was available and just perfect,” Steve remarks. Sales from the MS License Plate Program have provided more than $26,000 for pediatric MS research.

Steve Davis has been an MS activist since 2008, when his wife of 21 years, Liz, was diagnosed with MS. After Liz’s diagnosis, Steve first got involved with the Society's Long Island Chapter through Bike MS, Walk MS, and NYC's climb to the top of 30 Rockefeller Plaza.  In December 2011, the Davis’s were asked to be guests on Anderson Cooper's talk show "Anderson" to talk about the effect of MS on their family.  “MS has affected all of us, including our children, Charlotte and Joey,” Steve says. Liz is now in a clinical trial for a disease modifying therapy for MS.

Liz, Steve, Charlotte, and Joey Davis on "Anderson"

This past January, Steve was chosen as Government Relations Committee (GRC) Co-Chair of the Long Island Chapter, New York, and attended the Society’s Public Policy Conference (PPC) in Washington, D.C. in March.  On May 21, Steve traveled to Albany, for a mini State Action Day with his 20- year- old daughter, Charlotte, who also is a GRC member and newly sworn in Navy Recruit. Steve, Charlotte, and other MS activists met with state legislators to ask for support for programs that affect those living with MS.
MS activists with Assemblyman Lavine (NY-13)

Steve remarks that although progress has been made, MS activists are still needed to push for change. “We have come a long way in the past 30+ years, and it is important that we don't stop until MS is cured or at least treated in a way that disability from MS is avoided.” Spoken like a true activist!

To read more about the program or to order a National MS Society license plate in New York, please click here.

Other states also offer a similar license plate program in conjunction with the National MS Society, so please contact your local chapter to see if you can order a National MS Society license plate today! 

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robin dandrea said...

Steve is Long Island's Activist extaordinaire!!!
Thank you for advocating for people living with MS!!