Thursday, April 4, 2013


As state legislatures and governors are exploring the option of Medicaid expansion, MS activists are getting involved in the legislative process to help educate legislators about the issue and voice their opinions.  Expanding Medicaid is a way to provide comprehensive, affordable health coverage to more Americans including people living with disabilities. If you would like to learn more about Medicaid, please see our post here.
McGaughy, Lauren. “State Rep. Patricia Haynes Smith, D-Baton Rouge, on the steps of the capitol in Baton Rouge.”|The Times-Picayune. 13 Mar 2013. []

MS activists, like Crystal Smith, have been hard at work in their states’ capitals.  Smith testified on behalf of the Society at the joint Louisiana House and State Insurance Committees.  In Louisiana, the hearing lasted for more than five hours and Medicaid advocates filled the hearing room plus an overflow room to show their support.  Many advocates wore orange to show their support for the Society and people with MS. Smith’s and other activists’ hard work was mentioned in The Advocate, where the Society was recognized as an organization that supports expansion and gave testimony. Other states, such as Washington, are holding rallies with coalitions of like-minded patient advocacy groups to help increase awareness on shared priorities and our connections to public officials. 

State teams are sending out action alerts to gather stories to share with legislators and build the MS activist base.  State teams are also inviting public officials to WALK MS events to help promote issues that are important to those living with MS, such as Medicaid expansion. As Smith remarks, “Many more conversations will take place throughout the legislative session as many organizations are making the Medicaid Expansion top priority this year.”

As Medicaid expansion continues to be a hot topic for state legislatures, please consider contacting your local chapter to see how you can get involved!

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Heidi and Terry said...

I imagine a country where no one thinks they have a right to the tax payer's money for their cause, regardless of how noble. I imagine the same country has a government that stops legislating and interfering in free society's indescribable ability to solve problems....leaving the good ambitious people to develop our economy and give to good causes out of their own free will. Do we wonder why donations are down? When the government stifles the non-governmental economic growth and inflates the dollar, it is absolutely expected that the average middle class family is pinching every dollar if they're smart. We should all be campaigning for less government instead of asking for stuff from it. We would ALL be better off....including my mother, who has had MS for over 20 years.