Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Congress is considering major changes in federal policy in order to reduce the deficit, including “sequestration,” which means arbitrary, across-the-board budget cuts to defense and non-defense spending. Sequestration would dramatically reduce funding for medical research and public health functions.

If Congress enacts these cuts without considering the impact on medical research and public health, our community will lose resources dedicated to finding a cure for MS! We can’t let that happen. 

To help convince Congress to protect research funding, the Society is joining Research!America’s Save Research Campaign (click here to read more about it) and today is National Call-in Day.

Join thousands of research advocates today, Wednesday, November 14, in telling Congress we need cures, not cuts! Click here for:

  • Your Members' contact information
  • Information on who to speak to in the office
  • Talking points to use when calling your Members' offices

The call will only take a couple of minutes! Help us make this day a success and ask your friends and family to join us in telling Congress we need cures, not cuts! 

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Anonymous said...

Yes alls we are asking for is a Cure for MS please work on this we deserve it . That way not so many ppl would be on Ssi/disabilty that would be a Huge Savings cmon you can do it just get your brains on The right track in The medical field someone has to know something please .and thankyou k.Maupin I would try anything to get off ssi ok..