Monday, July 2, 2012


This year, after hard work from MS and coalition activists, Massachusetts may overturn a ban on prescription medication pharmaceutical assistance programs. Both the Massachusetts House and Senate have approved budget amendments that would permit the use of prescription medication pharmaceutical assistance programs (including the coupons that appear in magazine ads and online) in the state. The current ban forbids any rebates for health care purchases in Massachusetts. 

The compromise language included in the Fiscal Year 2013 (FY13) Budget would allow co-pay assistance programs for medications with no generic version. This compromise legislation can help patients afford increasing co-pays and co-insurance for brand name prescriptions. The high costs of MS medications can reduce compliance with medication regimes, increase health care costs and result in personal financial hardship. This legislation can help!

On June 28th, the Massachusetts House and Senate approved the FY13 budget and sent the budget to Governor Deval Patrick for his approval. Governor Patrick has 10 days to review and take action. If he approves the legislation, Massachusetts will become the 50th state to permit patient assistance programs such as this.

Congratulations to all of the MS activists and coalition activists who worked to get this legislation to Governor Patrick! This legislation is a perfect example of hos MS Activists are making a difference!

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