Wednesday, April 25, 2012

MS Activists Walking the Walk

The Society has a wonderful network of over 64,000 MS activists around the country that are engaged in federal, state, and local policy aiming to improve the lives of people with multiple sclerosis. These bold activists advocate year round and on top of that, many participate in the Society’s more than 600 Walk MS events around the country. The Society’s Public Policy Office, for instance, just walked in the Walk MS event in Washington, D.C. and its team—the Wonky Walkers—raised nearly $5,500! 

Activists based at Society chapters around the country were featured in fun MS Activism Photo Booths to let everyone know why they walk and why they are activists. Check out some of the great pictures and activists below. And at the Northwest Arkansas Walk in Fayetteville, Arkansas State Representative Greg Leding kicked off the walk and reminded everyone that everyone can do something and that positive attitudes are a must! 

Funding raised at the Walk MS events around the country will support MS research and will provide important programs and services to people affected by MS. Thanks to all of the MS activists around the country who went above and beyond by walking the  Walk MS events and raising money for people with MS!
Cara's Crazy Crew at Walk MS, Richmond, Virginia
(Left  to Right: Morgan Olivo,Cara Olivo,Bryson Olivo,Alicia Olivo,Taelor Shackelford, Kristin Pepper,Zack Petersen,Michael Teri, Sweet Baby Sidney)

MS Activists at Walk MS, Greater Carolinas Chapter

Arkansas State Representative Greg Leding at 
Northwest Arkansas Walk MS in Fayetteville
Society's Public Policy Office Staff at Walk MS, Washington, D.C.

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