Wednesday, October 5, 2011

National Disability Employment Awareness Month: Recognizing the Contributions of People with Disabilities

Through Presidential Proclamation, President Barack Obama publicly declared October 2011 as National Disability Employment Awareness Month. This proclamation recognizes the contributions that people with disabilities make every day and the vital role they play within our nation’s workforce and society.

The proclamation for the National Disability Employment Awareness Month was first introduced more than 20 years ago and while significant strides have been made—for instance through passage and enforcement of the Americans with Disabilities Act—there remains great room for growth. President Obama explains, “Unfortunately, the unemployment rate for people with disabilities remains too high -- nearly double the rate of people without disabilities -- and reversing this trend is crucial." To combat this issue, the Administration is promoting initiatives that will integrate people with disabilities and the elderly into our workforce in a more effective way. This includes more hiring of persons with disabilities, ensuring the workplaces are accessible, and promoting accessible public transportation.

To read the full Presidential Proclamation, click here.

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Michael j said...

And how. I fell down my stairs five years ago and spent months in the hospital and in rehab. When I had to go on disability to recover some more, it was, I'm told, my employer's policy to terminate such a person. I really wondered whether that was legal. I probably waited too long to find out. I lost my job and my excellent health insurance. The doctors refused to let me go back to work -- plus I lost my driver's license. No idea if I'll ever get it back.