Friday, September 23, 2011

Greater Access to Rail Stations for Americans with Disabilities

United States Transportation Secretary Ray Lahood took a step in the right direction last week when he announced that individuals with disabilities will have greater access to intercity, commuter and high-speed train travel. This change will require new station platform construction or renovation to allow people with disabilities to get on and off any car on a train. Passenger railroads must provide level-entry boarding at new or altered stations in which no track passing through the station and adjacent to platforms is shared with existing freight rail operations.

This change is possible through an amendment of the U.S Transportation (DOT) American with Disabilities (ADA) regulations. This new ruling takes into consideration the needs of individuals with disabilities and paves the way for new initiatives.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing!

I hope that changes make it to Boston's MBTA soon.

I have a friend who uses a wheelchair and she has a real hard time riding the T.