Monday, September 27, 2010

Adult Day Achievement Center Enhancement Act Introduced

On September 23, Congresswoman Barbara Lee (CA-9) introduced the Adult Day Achievement Center Enhancement Act (H.R. 6208). The legislation would create a new grant program within the Administration on Aging that is specifically designed to support Adult Day programs targeting a younger population of people, such as those living with multiple sclerosis and similar diseases.

MS Adult Day Programs (MSADP) provide an important response to the needs of people with severe MS and their caregivers. For persons living with MS, MSADPs offer medical care, rehabilitation therapies, assistance with activities of daily living, nutrition therapy, health monitoring, social interaction, and stimulating activities that are appropriate for a younger disabled population. These can help to ameliorate MS symptoms, reduce dependency, provide important socialization opportunities and maintain quality of life. Additionally, MSADPs provide caregivers of people living with MS an opportunity to seek employment, run errands or simply offer some respite during the day.

There are less than a dozen MSADPs in the United States at present; thus, the vast majority of the MS population is denied access to these enormously beneficial programs. The National MS Society thanks Congresswoman Lee for her leadership on this issue, as H.R. 6208 will increase access and help people living with MS and their families to live even more productive and fulfilling lives.

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