Friday, May 28, 2010

State Success: Health Care Stories from California Bike MS

Issue or Challenge
With healthcare reform at the forefront of our most challenging advocacy priorities this year, the California chapters have been actively seeking real-life stories from our community about how the existing system impact them that we can share with policy makers statewide and nationally.

Bringing these stories to life with eloquent people who speak effectively has continued
to be a challenge for us. We decided to set up a video booth at the our recent Bike MS Waves to Wine ride and ask people about their experiences with MS, the ride, and their health care stories.

We were able to garner several hours of footage of people telling about their experience with Bike MS: Waves to Wine and their health care stories. We are in the process of putting together a short video with some of the best snippets.

One of our key success factors in making this happen was a great team of coalition partners and volunteers to help us film participants. We partnered with Health Access California who also recruited a great team from a local advocacy group who are go out and take videos of people’s health care stories.

We were cognizant that not everyone is in favor of healthcare reform. A key success factor for this was the team at being very respectful to this concern didn’t project any biases whatsoever.

Another key success factor to this video was that it was initiated by the chapter’s Advocacy team and supported and funded by the Programs Team, Communications, and The Bike MS Team. While the footage from the event can be used by each group for each of their purposes, because we were the primarily sponsor of this program, we were able to ensure that the advocacy objectives were not forgotten. It will be helpful support for health care and other legislation.

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