Thursday, December 18, 2008

Take the Lead on Health Care Reform

Many MS activists around the country are heeding the call of Senator Tom Daschle and President-elect Barack Obama to actively participate in national health care reform. Some groups are meeting in offices for a brown bag lunch, while others are having small dinner parties to discuss this important issue. This is a great opportunity to be creative and make an impact on how the new Congress and Administration will approach national health care reform.

Share your ideas or the results of your own discussion sessions by commenting here on the MS activist blog.

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Anonymous said...

I have not been as active with my advocacy over the past 2 months due to MS fatigue,a cold and the whole holiday thing. However I did finally get my thoughts together and sent my thoughts and the results of a big family discussion at Thanksgiving.
I was 2 days past deadline but they said they would still read it.
I put my feelings about doing this and the message I sent to on my blog
check it out and comment on it

Michael said...

Little issue. Easy to accomplish. BIG IMPACT ON THOSE AFFECTED. I learned the hard way that (at least in Califrnia) when someone is on COBRA, if the group goes away, meaning if the employer cancels the group insurance for any reason, than the COBRA coverage goes away too. This happened to me twice. One employer went bankrupt and the other cancelled the group. When the group cancelled, the insurers told me that I was still eligible for coverage at a cost of $4,100 per month! COBRA is temporary and it is expensive. Insurers should not be allowed to cancelm this insurance at any time or under any circumstances. I hope that this is helpful.