Monday, May 5, 2008

MS Activists Go to Washington

Nearly 400 MS activists are traveling to Washington, DC, this week to help shape healthcare policies and programs that impact people living with multiple sclerosis. They will discuss the following issues. Stay tuned for updates throughout the week. (Photo: Walt on Capitol Hill in 2007, diagnosed in 1996)


maryd williams said...

we have a strong belief in this country to do what is right is the Anerican way. LET US DO THE RIGHT THING AND ALLOW THE DOWNTRODDEN TO BE HELPED WITH THIS PROBLEM AND ONE DAY WE WILL ALL STAND TOGETHER AND SALUTE 'old glory'

maryd williams said...

let us all as americans one day all stand and salute 'oold glory and be equally free to do just that, stand and salute the stars and stripes as a free nationand the downtrodden will be seen as equals!