Wednesday, March 5, 2008

63 House Members Sign On to Support Multiple Sclerosis Research

63 members of the House of Representatives signed on to a letter requesting that $15 million be provided for multiple sclerosis research through the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP). This Dear Colleague letter was circulated in the House by Congressmen Russ Carnahan (D-MO) and Michael Burgess, M.D. (R-TX).

This is tremendous support that resulted from your email messages and from the attention brought by the veterans and experts who shared their stories at the recent Congressional briefing.

If your representative is on the list, thank them for their support. Call 1-800-828-0498 to be connected.

Dear Colleague Signers as of March 17, 2008
  • Tammy Baldwin, (WI-2)
  • Howard Berman, (CA-28)
  • Leonard Boswell, (IA-3)
  • Nancy Boyda, (KS-2)
  • Michael Burgess, (TX-26)
  • Lois Capps, (CA-23)
  • Russ Carnahan, (MO-3)
  • Christopher Carney, (PA-10)
  • Susan Davis, (CA-53)
  • Bill Delahunt, (MA-10)
  • Vernon Ehlers, (MI-3)
  • Keith Ellison, (MN-5)
  • Philip English, (PA-3)
  • Bob Filner, (CA-51)
  • Vito Fossella, (NY-13)
  • Barney Frank, (MA-4)
  • Virgil Goode Jr., (VA-5)
  • Bart Gordon, (TN-6)
  • Ruben Hinojosa, (TX-15)
  • Tim Holden, (PA-17)
  • Hank Johnson, (GA-4)
  • Patrick Kennedy, (RI-1)
  • Peter King, (NY-3)
  • Dennis Kucinich, (OH-10)
  • James Langevin, (RI-2)
  • Sander Levin, (MI-12)
  • John Lewis, (GA-5)
  • Frank LoBiondo, (NJ-2)
  • Edward Markey, (MA-7)
  • Jim Marshall, (GA-8)
  • Carolyn McCarthy, (NY-4)
  • Jim McDermott, (WA-7)
  • Brad Miller, (NC-13)
  • Harry Mitchell, (AZ-5)
  • Dennis Moore, (KS-3)
  • Tim Murphy, (PA-18)
  • Bill Pascrell Jr., (NJ-8)
  • Ron Paul, (TX-14)
  • Collin Peterson, (MN-7)
  • Nick Rahall II, (WV-3)
  • Todd Russell Platts, (PA-19)
  • Rick Renzi, (AZ-1)
  • Tom Reynolds, (NY-26)
  • Peter Roskam, (IL-6)
  • Bobby Rush, (IL-1)
  • Linda Sanchez, (CA-39)
  • Janice Schakowsky, (IL-9)
  • Debbie Wasserman Schultz, (FL-20)
  • Allyson Schwartz, (PA-13)
  • David Scott, (GA-13)
  • Pete Sessions, (TX-32)
  • Christopher Shays, (CT-4)
  • Louise McIntosh Slaughter, (NY-28)
  • Vic Snyder, (AR-2)
  • John Tierney, (MA-6)
  • Edolphus Towns, (NY-10)
  • Fred Upton, (MI-6)
  • Henry Waxman, (CA-30)
  • Peter Welch, (VT-At Large)
  • Robert Wexler, (FL-19)
  • Robert Wittman, (VA-1)
  • David Wu, (OR-1)
  • John Yarmuth, (KY-3)


Anonymous said...

Please help those of here in south Carolina who have MS?

Pass it in the house that we have a speaker?

Thom Hutchison



I have an MS Blogger Project underway over at my place. Please visit MS Awareness, Blogging Friends, and a little Link Love to join in.


stuart said...

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Stuart Schlossman

Susan Mucha said...

My husband has MS and he had his first attack in the military in the mid-80s. They didn't diagnose it correctly. His second attack in the 90s confirmed it and after several years I was able to get him into the VA system for care. The VA neurologist at the time was excellent. She had interned in an MS research facility and put him on Betaseron immediately. Unfortunately she left and was replaced with a neurologist who believes that since it has been over 10 years since my husband's last "visible" attack that he should be taken off Betaseron, because he doesn't need it. The research posted on the NMSS doesn't seem to back that. Phil isn't having any unfavorable reaction and his disease progression is minimal. I'm curious. Is anyone else on VA benefits out there suddenly getting told they don't need MS medication? I realize this doctor saves a lot of money by depriving my husband of his Betaseron (at least in the short term). I'm just curious to see if this is an isolated incident or a trend of subtle budget cutting within VA.

Khaidji said...

Sometimes the body can play mock sport with you. It may make you believe that you are experiencing things you are not, like making feet feel like you are walking on hot asphalt when you are sitting in your sofa enjoying a film. Imagine your hand being slowly crushed by a heavy duty truck when all you are really doing is sitting reading a newspaper. The body receives impulses through the skin and these impulses when conveyed are then interpreted by the brain. A slight touch may sometimes feel like a piercing stab if these impulses become garbled through damage to the nerves that convey them.

Multiple Sclerosis or MS for short is one of those illnesses that may trick your body into these ghost sensations before eventually causing complete lost of the nervous transmission, resulting in lost of vision, mobility and many of your abilities.

Multiple Sclerosis – MS (Mock Sport)

Myelin is a white matter coating your nerves
Use by the body it conducts and preserves
Lets impulses run from sensors to brain
They sheath wrap the axons which they contain
I learnt their makeup from a story for kids
Protein layer between two of lipids
Like the rubber that sheaths the electrical wire
Each nerve is protected form the internal weather
Sometimes though the sheath may break
Causing the nerves to not communicate
Losing their messages in midstream
Electrical blackout with conditions extreme
Responses by individuals frequently vary
Often blindness and restricted mobility
Symptoms early in many display
Intense numbness and sometimes may
Send ghost impulses throughout the body
Making you feel like there is some emergency
Only your sanity will cause you to know
Cold bouts or hot patches are all a scam show
Keeping mind over matter is the biggest task
Surviving the attacks with your bravery mask
Pain may tell you it was a heavy roller van
On top of you crushing away on your hand
Reacting nerves get confuse with what to convey
The truths of their garble is revealed through pray

See other Acrostic Poetry on
Living with Multiple Sclerosis
By Khaidji

Anonymous said...

I have invited my local congressman to walk with my team for the MS walk. When I was diagnosed I was completely changed. I now advocate and am totaly, for the first time in a long time, activly pursuing something that means more to me than what new CD I'm going to buy. It's such a wonderful feeling!!!!!!