Monday, January 14, 2008

Some in Industry Echo Need for More Affordable Alternatives to Biotech Drugs

"Quite simply, life-saving drugs are irrelevant if they are not affordable," said Christopher Begley, chairman and chief executive of Hospira Inc., a Lake Forest-based maker of hospital products and specialized medication-delivery devices that is stymied in its ability to make generic versions of biotech drugs.

"There's no doubt it's time for Congress to pass legislation enabling the FDA to create an abbreviated biogenerics-approval pathway," Begley said. "With the progress made over the course of the past year, we're highly confident we'll see this happen in 2008."
This is an excerpt from a December 26 article in the Chicago Tribune. Click here to read the complete story.

We agree. The cost of biological MS treatments — $16,500 to $29,000 each year — can unfortunately force many people to stop their prescribed therapy because they just cannot afford it. We will keep you updated as this issue moves forward in Congress in 2008.

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