Monday, October 22, 2007

New Movie Reminds Us to be Activists for Disability Rights

While serving in Vietnam, a young Army recruit named Richard Pimentel lost his hearing in a bomb blast. When he returned to civilian life, Richard was confronted with his new disability, with the disabilities of many of his fellow veterans, and with the struggles of a new friend living with cerebral palsy.

Richard discovered that the workforce and the community were not friendly to those living with a disability. He fought for change. In the 1970s, Richard became an advocate for disabled veterans ... and then for all people with disabilities, first in his home state of Oregon, and then nationwide. He helped them find jobs, then helped them find their own voices as activists for disability rights. Richard started a movement ... and became known for his landmark efforts on behalf of Americans with disabilities and as an authority on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

July 26, 2007, marked the 17th anniversary of the ADA. In recent years however, the intent of this law has eroded — often not providing enough protection for individuals with disabilities. Introduced on the anniversary of the ADA, the ADA Restoration Act of 2007 aims to restore the clear and comprehensive national mandate for the elimination of discrimination on the basis of disability.

Join the movement. Help commemorate the anniversary of the ADA by helping restore its primary intent. Ask your U.S. Senators to support people who live with disabilities and become a cosponsor the ADA Restoration Act of 2007. Click here and enter your ZIP code to send a quick email asking for their support.

Music Within, a new movie based on the true story of Richard Pimentel and his fight for disability rights, is coming to select theaters Friday, October 26. Check your local listings for the movie Music Within. Take your friends, family, and colleagues. The story of Richard Pimentel reminds us, as MS activists, of the importance of working for disability rights, raising our voices to help others, and taking our issues to Congress to ask for change.

Support the ADA. Act now and urge your Senators to become a cosponsor of the ADA Restoration Act.

Thank you for being an MS activist. Join the movement at

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