Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Congress to Vote on New Version of Stem Cell Bill

As MS activists, it is important to continue our support of embryonic stem cell research due to the promise it holds for multiple sclerosis (MS) research. The Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act (S. 5) is expected to come to a vote again in the House at the beginning of June. Your legislators will be back in their home district for the Memorial Day Recess (May 26 – June 3). That is the perfect time to visit the district office or attend a town hall meeting and ask for their support.

Click here and enter your ZIP code to get your Representative’s local office phone number. Then call to ask about upcoming events and schedule a meeting. Urge them to vote YES on the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act.

Raising a question at a local event or town hall meeting with your Member of Congress is one of the most effective methods for influencing undecided lawmakers. Now is the time to schedule an appointment. We are hopeful for a strong majority vote in the House.

The bill expands the number of embryonic stem cell lines that are eligible for federally funded research and institutes stronger ethical requirements. It was recently amended, however, to include the Alternative Pluripotent Stem Cell Therapies Enhancement Act (S. 2754). This addition to the bill promotes stem cell research alternatives that do not include embryonic and is strongly supported by President Bush. That is the reason the House must vote on the bill again. Thank you for being an MS activist.

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